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Our IT support role is to assist organizations in delivering value to their business and increasing productivity through technology.

Ethical and sustainable

We’re committed to doing Managed IT business in a way that respects our environment, the people we work with, and the communities we serve.

Passion for service

Our managed Helping you to make the most of our wide range of products and services – from cutting waste to planning menus to meet individual dietary needs.

IT Support Services

Your Preferred IT Support Services in Malaysia

To create a worldwide network of independent computer professionals that are able to respond effectively to the needs of business and home computer users through experience, skills and training, and who collectively through mutual support and reliability, will become the service of choice for those seeking computer and business technology help.

IT Support Malaysia

Welcome To IT Support Malaysia

Having 5 years of technical experience in desktop and server environment, disaster recovery, security management, Networking, Server and Printer, storage, cloud service, Mac Support, Access Point Management, active monitoring and consulting. we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success.


Alpha support resources is a best leading managed IT services and solutions in Malaysia. Our company established in 2013. Alpha Support resources has grown enormously to a well – organized company, our primary role is to provide professional IT services and IT solutions, which providing inventive technology for businesses and daily life needs to improve productivity and efficiency.


IT Support Standards

We have progressed by working closely with leading-edge manufacturers and product vendors. The company has gained recognition as a leading technology provider offering value-added products and services to our customers.